This class will focus on building both absolute and relative strength. As relative strength (relative to your body weight) increases, everyday tasks become easier. Strength training is an extremely effective method for lowering body fat and increasing muscle definition. By placing stress on muscle strength training boosts your metabolism and keeps you burning calories all day long. In your weekly schedule stack this class with our Functional Cardio classes to optimize results and watch your body composition change!

Strength Conditioning- GYM

Ages: Adult


M 6:45-7:30am - Gym Register
M 9:30-10:15am - Gym Register
T 7:45-8:30pm - Gym Register
W 9:30-10:15am - Virtual Register
Th 7:30-8:15pm - Gym Register
F 6:45-7:30am - Gym Register
Sa 8:30-9:15am - Gym Register
Sa 9:15-10am - Virtual Register
Sa 9:15-10am - Gym Register

Dress Code
Athletic wear and indoor athletic shoes.


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