Who We Are

Cornerstone Studio

The Cornerstone Studio’s fitness programs were developed in 2014 by Fitness Director Nick Robinson (BPHE, MSc Exercise Science & Kinesiology). Nick developed his strength and conditioning philosophy using his education and experience as a professional dancer, as well as from his Exercise Science & Kinesiology studies.

At Cornerstone:

We believe in moving well and moving often.

We believe that strong communities build strong people. The Cornerstone community is made up of a team of coaches and clients who want to better themselves and those around them. We believe this is achieved by staying positive, humble, focused and supportive of each other.

We keep our classes small, so that we can be there to coach YOU towards growth. You won’t catch us yelling to a room over the headset— we are there to connect with YOU and provide you with individualized coaching, within a group class setting.

We focus on improving range of motion, performing with better technique, improving coordination and finding a strong connection and understanding of your body in performance. We want your movements to be pain free. Then, from this strong base, we apply progressive overload to your programming to build strength and improve your endurance.

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