Cornerstone Studio is committed to creating a boutique studio environment with small class sizes. We take a technique-first approach, where we believe better form will yield better results. Trust the process and join us in the gym, we cannot wait to get moving with you!

This dynamic class will take you through boxing drills to get your heart pumping! Move through a series of 3-minute rounds, alternating between speed and power, incorporating boxing techniques with conditioning drills. This addictive cardio workout will boost your aerobic capacity, increase strength & improve your agility. This class is open to all levels, so grab your wraps and gloves and let’s go!

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Give your core and cardiovascular fitness a boost with this quick and effective workout! This class combines short bursts of full body HIIT (high intensity interval training) alongside core-focussed strengthening exercises. By using your own body weight resistance, as well as adding external resistance (weights and bands), we aim to challenge the core muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. The short rest breaks ensure your heart rate is staying up throughout the class, keeping you burning calories while building up strength & endurance.

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This class will combine multiple energy systems with a focus on improving endurance, through longer intervals that will combine high intensity and steady state exercises. CS Endurance will test your cardiovascular, strength and mental capacity, so come prepared to work! Participants who attend this class regularly can expect to see an increase in lean body mass, improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity and an overall increase in strength.

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This 30-minute class incorporates both standing and seated positions to open and lengthen the muscles from all angles. We will be deliberately flexing & stretching our muscles in order to improve muscle elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result will be a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. This class is an excellent and essential compliment to your regular fitness routine to help decrease pain and eliminate injury risk


This class will teach you about progressive overload, working on a set program for 6 weeks at a time. Major pushing and pulling lifts, paired with unilateral and accessory lifts will be taught and perfected. Feel the benefits of sticking to a set program for a 6 week duration, including improved strength and an increase to your lean body mass.

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Connect with your centre through Pilates Mat work. With an emphasis on alignment and activating and mobilizing the muscles that support the spine you will leave feeling balanced and centred.

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Moving with control through standing and mat sequences, this 45-minute barre class will get your heart pumping and body moving. This class consists of low impact barre exercises combining small isolated movements with a high volume of reps to burn calories and sculpt muscles. Focussing on coordination, full body strength, and quality of movements, be prepared to be pushed — and then chill out with a stretch to unwind. 

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This program is coming soon. Check back in February 2023

Each week we’ll start with a warm up consisting of activations and a few drills. We will cycle through distance, time and effort based work outs.

Week 1 – Find paces; 1-2km WU, 3-4km w first 60 sec at 10k pace/effort, 1-2km CD

Week 2 – Hills; 1-2km WU, 4x 40 sec/80 sec rec, 4x 30 sec/60 sec rec, 1-2km CD

Week 3 – Tempo intervals; 1-2km WU, 3x 5mins/2 min rec at tempo pace, 1-2km CD

Week 4 – 5k Practive; 1-2km WU, 4-5x 400m/50% time rec, 1-2km CD 

Week 5 -HM intervals; 1-2km WU, 2x 10min/3 min rec @ HM pace, 1-2km CD

Week 6 -10k Practice; 1-2km WU, 2-3x 1km/2 min rec @ 10k pace, 1-2km CD

Week 7 -Tempo intervals; 1-2km WU, 2x 7mins/3min rec at tempo pace, 1-2km CD

Week 8 -HM or MP Practice; 1-2km WU, 10 min @ MP> 4x 20 sec @ 5k pace, 1-2km CD 

Schedule will be adjusted based on the participants goals and experience coming into the workouts.

Ready to train like an athlete? This class is a full body workout, that tests both your strength and cardiovascular capacity! Utilizing dynamic movements, you will recruit major muscle groups while bumping your heart rate up. You’ll leave this class both energized and exhausted all at once. Athletic Conditioning is fun, effective, and certainly up there on the ‘calorie burning’ scale!

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This class will focus on building both absolute and relative strength. As relative strength (relative to your body weight) increases, everyday tasks become easier. Strength training is an extremely effective method for lowering body fat and increasing muscle definition. By putting stress on your muscles, strength training boosts your metabolism and keeps you burning calories all day long. Expect to work a combination of big lifts, uni-lateral movements, accessory lifts and deep stabilizing exercises using barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, as well as your own body weight.

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This is a vinyasa style class which will focus on adding conditioning exercises to the flow— think extra chaturangas, forearm planks and core stability! Using your body weight, you will build strength, connection to your breath and expand your practice, all in one class. *Option to bring ankle/ wrist weights for an added challenge.


A chilled out vinyasa class. Focus on slower, mindful movement with longer holds to cultivate strength and creative expression. A great way to wind down your day and get grounded for a restful sleep.


An energizing vinyasa style practice that will challenge you to balance effort and ease in each posture. Poses will flow together as breath is linked throughout each movement. Get ready to move and play!

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