Dana Bondy

Dana is a mover by nature. She began her technical training, in dance, early in life and brings over thirty years of movement experience to her classes.

In an effort to explore different approaches to injury rehabilitation and to maintain a strong and healthy physique as a dancer, Dana began training in Pilates. Ten years ago, after taking time to explore different modalities and studios, she became a Pilates instructor through the Pilates Process Method.

Dana is a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor. Her classes are geared towards enhancing core strength, isolation of different muscle groups, and coordination, while focussing on fluidity of breath and movement.

As a professional performer, she incorporates a wide range of techniques, styles and movement in her approach. Including ballet, jazz, contemporary, street dance, aerial silks, and fire performance.

Dana is a mother to two young children and has found Pilates to be essential in keeping up with the physical demands of caring for her little humans.


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