Cornerstone Studio is committed to creating a boutique studio environment with small class sizes. We take a technique-first approach, where we believe better form will yield better results. Trust the process and join us in the gym, we cannot wait to get moving with you!

Is your child an athlete who wants to improve their performance?

Are you looking for a way to inspire your teen to stay active? 

Our Teen Strength & Agility classes are a great way for you to introduce your child to the benefits of fitness, in a fun and supportive environment.

The Pillars of our program include:


We will practice foundational movement patterns, with a focus on improving each student’s mechanics, resulting in them moving better and with a lesser chance of injury.

Growth and Encouragement

We encourage students to arrive at the gym excited about working and growing to become the best that they can be. We ask students to put in their best effort, and to support others to reach their fullest potential. 


Through understanding the full potential of their body, building relationships with their peers and showing up for themselves and others, students will build a healthy and lasting relationship with themselves. 

Spaces are limited to 10 spots per class, so students must pre-register in advance of the class.


Mondays 5pm Saeed Osman 

Wednesdays 5pm Lauren Cook

Saturdays 10:45am Farbod Mahmudi


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