Covid Safe Operations


UPDATE: OCTOBER 10TH 2020- The Ontario Government, has announced the forced closure of all fitness and recreational facilities for 28 days. Please join us for online training and in person outdoor training throughout this time. WE CANNOT WAIT TO OPEN OUR DOORS. Stay safe. 

Limited Class Sizes

  • In-Studio Classes will have limited spots available. We will start with a capacity of 8, and slowly increase capacity as we feel that we can safely do so.

Personal Stations

  • Each participant will have a designated station for the entirety of their class.
  • Instructors will write a list of equipment needed for class, and participants will be responsible for gathering what they need, and bringing it to their station.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment, and each participant will have their own sanitizer spray with medical grade anti-viral disinfectant, to sanitize and put away their equipment immediately after each class.

Contact Tracing

  • Prior to attending each class, participants must fill out a contact tracing form (between 24 hours-1 hour prior to class), ensuring participants do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, have not air-travelled, and have not been exposed to the COVID-19 virus in the last 14 days,
  • You can the Contact Tracing Form easily here through our website.

increased Sanitization

  • Every hour, we will be sanitizing high touch point areas with our Medical Grade, approved Anti-Viral disinfectant.
  • After every class, all equipment and floors will be sanitized with our Medical Grade, approved Anti-Viral disinfectant.

Stay Clean

  • Please wash your hands upon entering the building.
  • We also have many hand sanitizer stations available for your frequent use.

Pre-Registration Required

  • Class pre-registration is mandatory, and can be made anytime up until 1 hour prior to class, on our online portal through our website. 
  • We cannot accommodate drop ins at this time.
  • Classes that have less than 3 students pre-registered, by the deadlines listed below, will be cancelled:

Morning classes: by 6pm the evening prior

Evening classes: by 10am on the same day

*if a class is cancelled, an e-mail shall be sent out to all members and class card holders by the following times: 8 PM the evening prior for Morning classes, 3PM the day of for evening classes.

Arrive Early

  • You must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class.
  • Anyone who arrives late (less than 10 minutes prior to class) will not be permitted to participate, as set up time is required to ensure class safety.

No hanging out

  • As much as we love your company, no one will be permitted to congregate before or after class.

Come Prepared

  • Please arrive dressed in your workout gear! Change rooms are OFF LIMITS
  • Please bring your clean indoor shoes, a mat, a small towel, and a refillable water bottle (water fountain is OFF LIMITS, touches bottle refills only) *Indoor shoes are not required for Barre, Core Blast, Pilates or Yoga classes.
  • For sanitary reasons, mats will not be provided for the time being.
  • Participants should not bring more than 1 bag (if needed) containing all of their belongings. 
  • Shoes or other belongings cannot be stored at the studio.

Cancellation Policies

Morning classes: by 6pm the evening prior,

Evening classes: by 10am on the same day.

  • If you cancel past these deadlines, or do not show up for a pre-registered class, a penalty free will result as follows:


  • Cancellations made past the deadline, or no shows, will be charged the full cost of their class. Missed classes will not be refunded.


  • Cancellations made past the deadline, or no shows will be charged $15.00 per missed class.

Masks are mandatory

  • Everyone must wear a mask or face covering during all times, except while in their designated station for class. While exercising, masks are not required.
  • For the time being, our staff will be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Masks should be put back immediately following the class, while participants sanitize and put away their equipment, and exit the building.

No Cardio indoors, for now

  • To ensure the utmost safety during our slow re-opening, we have made the educated choice to eliminate all high-intensity cardio classes indoors, for the time being. 
  • In-studio classes will be focussed on full body strengthening, for now, but don’t worry- you’ll still get the challenging workout you know and love!