Fitness Classes

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, our location is currently closed. 

In response to this, we have taken our training online! Join us for online training through Vimeo, where 24 new classes will be added every month. Build an at home Cornerstone fitness library to pull inspiring workouts from, to keep you motivated and moving!

Small businesses contribute significantly to the lifeblood and vitality of our neighbourhoods. The Cornerstone Studio has been leading the charge to build up our strong community by providing people with a platform to gather and exchange. Due to the forced closure of the Cornerstone Studio, mandated by the provincial government,  our future is in jeopardy.  

By joining us online, you are contributing to the come back of small business in our neighbourhood. Help us make it through to the other side, so that we can continue to be a pillar in our community.