Haoyan Zhang

Haoyan “Harry” Zhang came to Canada in 2013 and fell in love with the art of Breaking as well as Hip Hop culture. Since then he has explored many different styles and specializes in Breaking and Locking. He is part of the Progressive Movement Crew and World Serpent Collective, also trains with Footnotes, directed by Glizzi DeMariano and Andrew “Pyro” Chung. He is an active member of the local dance community, he has participated and battle in many local events and competitions and also attended many master worshop Lead by YNot, Mr. Wiggles and Henry Link to learn their mastery and perfecting his skills.

Harry also loves the dance community and has a burning passion of sharing his knowledge. He has volunteered for UNITY Charity and is the co-president of UNITY’s York University Chapter. He has shared his art from with many children in different schools and studios. He believes learning the dance’s history is as important as the dance itself this his teaching style is usually combined with hip hop fun fact and history as well as techniques. He is humorous and favorited by children.

Harry is still training hard to perfecting his art and currently attending York University for his degrees in Film and Dance.

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