The Cornerstone Studio Competitive Dance program began in 2018, as a  response to our capable and determined students who were looking for further opportunities to train, perform, and become part of a like-minded group of peers. We first introduced the program as an experiment, asking these students to commit to a mandatory weekly dance training schedule and choreography classes. We put the focus on fostering each student’s individual growth, building confidence,  and learning how to support and encourage each other in reaching their fullest potential. The final outcome of competitions has never been the focus, rather learning that art is subjective and that you have the potential to affect the audience in many ways. Now, three years later, we have seen a significant increase in each dancers’ technical ability, artistic development, overall strength, as well as an abundance of lasting friendships and student-teacher relationships formed.

We focus on building up our students’ strength and technique in their given dance style, as well as introducing them to the invaluable experience of working as an interpreter in the creative process during their choreography classes. Our competitive team students have the opportunity to perform on professional stages 5 times throughout the season, in addition to many other opportunities for performance through events around our community. 

We offer opportunities to compete in: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop and Lyrical. If the competitive team is an opportunity that you think your child would benefit from and enjoy, contact us today!

COVID-19 Competitive Team Update

Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic (and competitions being cancelled) the focus of the competitive team has switched from choreography and performing, to instead offer more advanced, focussed skills classes to our small competitive team groups. This has resulted in a continued commitment from the students to maintaining their attendance in classes and efforts in their training, throughout this pandemic (both in person and virtually, depending on the government restrictions). 

Due to the unpredictability of the competitive season ahead (due to COVID-19) our 2021/22 season will offer the completive team classes, continuing with this focus on advanced training in the students’ given disciplines. As the year progresses, the students will begin to build their choreographies, and we will assess whether it is   it is possible and safe to compete in the spring of 2022, either in-person or virtually. We will use every opportunity that is available, to continue to offer competitive performance opportunities for our team.