ALIAS Dance Project

The Cornerstone studio is proud to be the permanent home of Alias Dance Project, a Toronto-based contemporary dance company with a continuing mission to create: platforms for collaboration; professional performances in alternative spaces; opportunities to foster artistic development in youth; and the building of communities. Alias Dance Project, run by Artistic Director Lauren Cook and Assistant Director Caitlin Amodeo, utilize the beautiful Cornerstone Studio space for creation, rehearsals and small studio showings.

Alias Dance Project approaches dance as a form that is always changing. Our point of view is never stagnant. In creation we are inspired by spontaneity, and the beautiful mistakes that can come out of raw human interaction. We are diverse in our training backgrounds and artistic stories. As a group, we thrive off of each other’s individual creative voices. As dancers we believe in training our bodies in a highly physical way, allowing for endless possibilities in physicality and movement. We thrive to keep our work fresh from one moment to the next, maintaining an openness for any artistic impulses or visions that come our way. By breaking down traditional forms of dance and playing with unlikely relationships, states and situations, we challenge ourselves, as well as our audiences, to view dance through a new lens. Alias Dance Project is powerful, risky, and unexpected.

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