At the Cornerstone Studio, we aim to provide competitive pricing for our dance classes, along with payment plans that meet your families needs. Need to break up your fees into smaller amounts over longer periods of time? No problem! We’ll work with you to accommodate your family’s needs. We endeavour to do our best to find a way to make dance possible for you.


All competitive fees have been held since the pandemic hit, and will continue to be held for the 2021/22 season, until we have a clearer picture of what the competition season will look like. If by the spring of 2022 it is possible to compete (either in-person or virtually) use even opportunity available to continue to offer competitive performance opportunities for our team. Competitive team families will be notified as the year progresses, of any competitive fees that will be required.

Competitive group fees include: Competitive Costume Fees, Competition Entry Fees, and Competitive Admin Fees. Competitive Fees are in addition to class fees for all required choreography and skills classes. 

6 Equal Monthly Payments: August 1st - January 1st
1 Competitive Group $85 + HST

Small Groups (groups with 4-9 students) may be charged an additional balance owing in February, dependent on the competitions’ final invoices received by the studio.

Competitive Solo, Duet & Trio Fees each include: 20 - 30 Min Private or Semi Private lessons, Custom Competitive Costume Fees, Competition Entry Fees & Admin Fees.

6 Equal Monthly Payments: August 1st - January 1st
1 Competitive Trio $160 + HST
1 Competitive Duet $193 + HST
1 Competitive Solo $217 + HST

Competitive Solos, Duets & Trios may require more lessons than allotted, to be determined at the instructor's discretion.