At Cornerstone Studio we aim to provide competitive pricing for our dance classes and camps. 

Discounts and Promotions:

Early Bird Registration
    • Register for Winter Break Camp by November 1st, save $25
    • Register for March Break Camp by January 1st, save $25
    • Register for Summer Camp by April 1st, save $25
Bundle and Save MORE!
    • Register for a full year dance performance class,  our Winter Break Camp and March Break 2021 Camp and take $50 off of each camp enrollment!

Please read our policies to stay informed about our full studio policies, or email us and talk to us about our cancellation and withdrawal policies, before registering.

We’ve broken out the full details for all class fees below.

Winter Break Holiday Camps

Enroll in a Half Day, Full Day or Single Day Winter Break Camp!

Winter Break Camp
Single Day Winter Break Camp $75 + HST
Half Day Winter Break Camp $170 + HST
Full Day Winter Break Camp $250 + HST
Dance Intensive Camp

Students must enroll in the full day, full week of camp.

Winter Break Dance Intensive
Full Day $275 + HST
March Break Camps

Enrol in a Half Day or Full Day March Break Camp!

Half Day March Break Camp $195 + HST
Full Day March Break Camp $305 + HST
Summer Camps
Full Day Camp $350 + HST
Full Day 4 Day Camp $290 + HST