Who We Are

Lauren & Dan

We met in 2001 in our first year at Ryerson University and we’ve been together ever since. Our friends know, we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. And we’ve had lots to cheer about. Since receiving our Fine Arts degrees, we’ve been fortunate to have consistent opportunities to work as educators, performers, and creators.

Now, almost 13 years after meeting, we are thrilled to open our dance and fitness studio in the Gerrard Street East community. For us, it is a chance to share our expertise and experience with you. We hope our enthusiasm will ignite your passion!

We founded Cornerstone Studio to provide a safe, supportive, fun and nurturing environment. Our dance and fitness studio is focused on young performing arts students, health and fitness lovers, and dance professionals alike. Our experience as professional artists has taught us the benefits of a cross-disciplinary approach. It’s why we are both a dance and fitness studio. We’re offering athletic fitness conditioning along side performing arts programming!

Meet the rest of the team