Nick Robinson

Nick moved from Yukon Territory to Toronto in 2007 to further his training and career as a professional dancer (bboy) and pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Education. In 2011, he graduated with honours from the University of Toronto. He then returned to the University of Toronto to successfully complete a Master of Science in Exercise Sciences (2017) in the Muscle Biochemistry lab where he utilized biochemical methods to characterize the cellular response of skeletal muscle to various types of exercise.

Using his education and professional dance experience, Nick developed his strength and conditioning philosophy to deliver clients results at a number of highly esteemed training facilities across Canada. He has worked as a strength and conditioning specialist at Vancouver’s flagship Steve Nash Sport Club, and in 2014 he was hired to manage and expand Toronto Fitbody, a downtown fitness boutique. During this time Nick worked to establish his own company, and began training many of the top dancers in Canada. He also began working with the Canadian Sport Institute as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, assisting in building and delivering world-class conditioning programs for high performance athletes, enhancing their ability to achieve international podium performances.

Presently Nick runs a specialized training company in downtown Toronto working with a variety of cliental including Olympic athletes, elite dancers and stunt performers.

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