Mylène Bourget

Mylène Bourget is currently Competing in Olympic Weightlifting and Training in Hapkido under Grand Master Hwang In-Shik. Head Coach of Synergy Weightlifting Club since October 2015 (OWA registered) – National Level athletes and International level potential. Bronze Medalist 2014-2015 at Ontario Senior Championships and qualified for the 2015 Senior National Championships.

Training under coaches Pierre Roy and Abdallah Alsebaai. Only 4kg shy of a Snatch World record in the Master’s Division. Certified by the NCCP and Ontario Weightlifting Association to teach Weightlifting Fundamental Movement Skills to athletes (First Start Project Seminar Leader) and to lead NCCP’s coaching seminars – Weightlifting Competition Introduction.

Currently working with Pro Indoor Volleyball athletes, Track athletes, SUP/Dragon-Boat paddlers, Strong Man athletes.

The Olympic Weightlifting skills, when applied as supplemental training for athletes, provide many beneficial training effects that in turn lead to increased performance in their primary sport.

About Mylène Bourget
  • Synergy Weightlifting Club – Head Coach
  • Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • CPTN Certified
  • FFLP Graduate from Sheridan College
  • McMaster University Summer Internship program Strength and Conditioning Coaching – Steve Lidstone
  • NCCP Certified (National and International Level Competition Coach)
  • NCCP/OWA certified – Coach Developer and Learning Facilitator
  • ELDOA instructor and Academy of Osteopathic Science student



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