Eva Connelly-Miller

Eva Connelly-Miller has been obsessed with movement from an early age. She has always led an active lifestyle and grew up playing every sport she could, while also dancing almost every day. Sports fell to the wayside as she pursued dance more intensely in high school and university. However, she always felt the need to supplement her dance training with cross-training, and continued to run, practice yoga, swim, and do personal training throughout her school years. Yet she felt she found she never quite achieved the results she was looking for.

In her final year of Ryerson University’s BFA dance program, she discovered Cornerstone Studio and fell in love with the classes and the approach to fitness. Finally, she had found a studio that provides the type of training that gave her the power and strength she needed for dance. Lauren Cook was a professor of Eva’s at Ryerson and Lauren soon took her under her wing. Lauren Cook has been her mentor for the past 4 years and in that time she has learned innumerable lessons in how to safely and creatively instruct a fitness class.

Eva is a firm believer that the most important thing about fitness is how it makes you feel. She believes in creating an environment in which anyone feels comfortable to work out in, no matter where they are at! She believes putting in your best effort with proper instruction and a smile on will always create the best results!

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