Eva Connelly-Miller

Eva Connelly-Miller has the experience of over 20 years of dance training and is a co-founder of ZESTcreative, a contemporary dance collective based in Toronto. Raised in the world of ballet, her focus shifted to contemporary dance during her time in Ryerson University’s BFA dance program, where she was the recipient of the coveted Nadia Potts’ Heart and Soul Award (2016).

She has trained extensively in Toronto and around the world, including in Berlin, New York, Portugal, Winnipeg, and Montreal. She has performed through many of Toronto’s Dance Festivals, including a premiere of her co-creation with ZESTcreative Love Notes in the Toronto Fringe Festival (2019). Eva has taught workshops to professional dancers and young children around the city, and hosts a monthly workshop for non-dancers entitled Play Date.

Eva’s classes are devised to build expressive and thoughtful human beings, alongside building a strong technical foundation. Her belief is that dance can provide a safe haven for anyone and wishes to share the joy it brings her to as many people as she can.

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